Uex Exchange Info, Markets & Trading Volume 2018-09-09T12:16:46+00:00
볼륨(24시간) $39,397,212.08
6,010.20 BTC
사이트 https://www.uex.com/
TOP 거래국가India

# 환율 거래화폐 가격 볼륨(24시간) 업데이트
1BitcoinBTC/USDT$6,567.45$16,594,558.60195 day
2Bitcoin CashBCH/BTC$506.94$6,467,355.67195 day
3Bitcoin CashBCH/USDT$509.20$5,490,344.04195 day
4EthereumETH/BTC$222.60$4,621,526.40195 day
5EthereumETH/USDT$224.15$4,293,276.33195 day
6TTC ProtocolTTC/ETH$0.053061$519,341.75195 day
7DecentralandMANA/ETH$0.077404$292,615.26195 day
8Kora Network TokenKNT/ETH$0.006809$204,330.69195 day
9Libra CreditLBA/ETH$0.034598$117,916.08195 day
10Formosa FinancialFMF/ETH$0.005598$112,929.96195 day
11Libra CreditLBA/BTC$0.035004$101,756.44195 day
12DPRatingRATING/ETH$0.000705$93,155.72195 day
13Cosmo CoinCOSM/ETH$0.036568$83,266.15195 day
14Republic ProtocolREN/ETH$0.030162$56,855.98195 day
15UChainUCN/ETH$0.008865$51,786.95195 day
16CortexCTXC/ETH$0.332532$37,755.36195 day
17DATADTA/ETH$0.003570$35,414.93195 day
18UChainUCN/USDT$0.008681$35,091.11195 day
19UChainUCN/BTC$0.008522$34,449.46195 day
20EximchainEXC/ETH$0.123913$30,909.82195 day
21OneLedgerOLT/ETH$0.007386$22,449.95195 day
22CentralityCENNZ/ETH$0.043206$21,679.02195 day
23ZilliqaZIL/ETH$0.035974$15,558.39195 day
24Content Neutrality NetworkCNN/USDT$0.000392$14,090.39195 day
25Content Neutrality NetworkCNN/ETH$0.000392$14,027.32195 day
26ContentBoxBOX/ETH$0.014645$10,691.42195 day
27Mass Vehicle LedgerMVL/BTC$0.001967$7,475.50195 day
28Formosa FinancialFMF/USDT$0.006036$6,081.73195 day
29PolymathPOLY/BTC$0.187475$5,479.13195 day
30PolymathPOLY/USDT$0.190010$5,042.31195 day
31ContentBoxBOX/USDT$0.017453$0.209400195 day

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UEX Weekly Industry Reference News
The UEX selects and releases some valuable information about blockchain and cryptocurrency every week. The purpose is to look back on the industry trends and market behavior of this week, and disclose the latest projects status.

Plan A - Investment Period is 30 days with annualized return of 5%.
Plan B - Investment Period is 180 days with annualized return of 10%.

Product Introduction link: https://t.co/ulPowsq81x

Product Introduction
Plan A - Investment Period is 30 days with annualized return of 5%
Plan B - Investment Period is 180 days with annualized return of 10%

Furthermore, you can also take your USDT as collateral to apply for crypto-backed loans including BTC and ETH, vice versa