P2pb2b Exchange Info, Markets & Trading Volume 2018-09-09T12:16:46+00:00
볼륨(24시간) $28,936,441.84
4,510.45 BTC

# 환율 거래화폐 가격 볼륨(24시간) 업데이트
1BitcoinBTC/USD$6,620.12$7,847,766.54228 day
2Bitcoin CashBCH/ETH$561.86$5,868,939.16228 day
3Bitcoin CashBCH/USD$567.50$2,582,990.46228 day
4DashDASH/BTC$163.54$2,511,545.50228 day
5Bitcoin CashBCH/BTC$562.02$1,903,553.63228 day
6LitecoinLTC/BTC$52.23$1,590,508.81228 day
7DashDASH/USD$168.14$991,085.43228 day
8Ethereum ClassicETC/BTC$9.51$786,566.94228 day
9DashDASH/ETH$163.91$571,282.39228 day
10LitecoinLTC/USD$53.59$566,436.07228 day
11EthereumETH/USD$216.37$555,238.53228 day
12Ethereum ClassicETC/USD$9.84$535,047.74228 day
13Bitcoin GoldBTG/USD$30.42$502,793.31228 day
14LitecoinLTC/ETH$52.56$401,572.75228 day
15EthereumETH/BTC$210.15$382,735.18228 day
16Ethereum ClassicETC/ETH$9.51$342,830.38228 day
17Bitcoin GoldBTG/BTC$29.51$265,488.11228 day
18DogecoinDOGE/BTC$0.003144$219,803.54228 day
19DogecoinDOGE/USD$0.003286$192,621.42228 day
20Bitcoin GoldBTG/ETH$29.49$115,965.50228 day
21EDinar CoinEDR/BTC$0.014305$85,919.62228 day
22TrueUSDTUSD/BTC$1.01$63,547.20228 day
23TrueUSDTUSD/ETH$1.04$30,937.87228 day
24EDinar CoinEDR/USD$0.014900$15,858.31228 day
25Binance CoinBNB/ETH$9.58$2,548.42228 day
26Binance CoinBNB/BTC$9.33$2,499.95228 day
27MicroBitcoinMBC/BTC$0.000449$356.64228 day
28MicroBitcoinMBC/ETH$0.000503$2.42228 day
29Binance CoinBNB/USD$9.90$0.000000228 day

IEO session of PBET starts on July, 2
Read more: https://t.co/57ZmqdGvUd

PLC Player Loyalty Ltd (PBET) is a company that provides innovative solutions to the gambling industry. @Pbet_Project allows for players can use one casino account to play online and offline.

UNC token is available on p2pb2b
Read more: https://t.co/bYR3zqtSnn

@uncloakio provides a unique blockchain-based solution for cybersecurity. UNC tokens can be used to buy and subscribe to the Uncloak platform.
Go to trade: https://t.co/fdTRPYVaJX

BitcoinGold traiding is opened
Read more: https://t.co/MTeGgiPwN8

@bitcoingold (BTG) is a fork of Bitcoin. Deposits and withdrawals for BitcoinGold are temporarily close, but now you are able to trade with BitcoinGold again.
Go ta trade: https://t.co/sp5Qdoxghb

GateChain token is available on p2pb2b
Read more: https://t.co/SEaCvPpHLQ

Token (GT) is the native token of the Gatechain mainnet.
@gatechain_io is a public blockchain dedicated to blockchain assets safety and decentralized exchange.
Go to trade: https://t.co/z436Rm8gc1

IEO of Global Funeral Сare starts on June, 29
Read more: https://t.co/R0armDVl5k

During IEO of @GFC_HQ you can get 20% discount. GFCS can be used to purchase products and services from organizations operating in the funeral industry.
Go to launchpad: https://t.co/RDJPTvUc34