Litebit Exchange Info, Markets & Trading Volume 2018-09-09T12:16:46+00:00
볼륨(24시간) $446,428.06
70.35 BTC
TOP 거래국가Germany

# 환율 거래화폐 가격 볼륨(24시간) 업데이트
1BitcoinBTC/EUR$6,302.67$244,816.96163 day
2XRPXRP/EUR$0.50$80,162.53163 day
3VergeXVG/EUR$0.012365$53,353.87163 day
4EthereumETH/EUR$204.39$18,779.90163 day
5LitecoinLTC/EUR$49.02$5,738.06163 day
6ReddCoinRDD/EUR$0.002412$5,124.92163 day
7DigiByteDGB/EUR$0.019130$5,044.18163 day
8DogecoinDOGE/EUR$0.002912$4,354.13163 day
9QtumQTUM/EUR$3.71$3,415.98163 day
10TRONTRX/EUR$0.021726$3,111.28163 day
11CardanoADA/EUR$0.072813$2,721.35163 day
12MyriadXMY/EUR$0.002549$2,536.92163 day
13NavCoinNAV/EUR$0.316391$2,150.62163 day
14NEMXEM/EUR$0.106339$1,703.64163 day
15StratisSTRAT/EUR$1.37$1,656.88163 day
16WavesWAVES/EUR$1.68$1,184.13163 day
17PeercoinPPC/EUR$1.46$1,027.73163 day
18MoneroXMR/EUR$103.00$986.02163 day
19ParticlPART/EUR$2.09$979.81163 day
20EmercoinEMC/EUR$0.84$828.56163 day
21ArtByteABY/EUR$0.002337$820.93163 day
22DashDASH/EUR$158.59$791.45163 day
23LiskLSK/EUR$2.60$664.79163 day
24GuldenNLG/EUR$0.024765$654.64163 day
25BitBayBAY/EUR$0.016397$643.62163 day
26BlackCoinBLK/EUR$0.067177$550.75163 day
27ViacoinVIA/EUR$0.72$476.46163 day
28CrownCRW/EUR$0.336764$424.84163 day
29ArkARK/EUR$0.69$288.87163 day
30ZcashZEC/EUR$126.22$251.88163 day
31RevolutionVRRVR/EUR$0.028930$218.80163 day
32CloakCoinCLOAK/EUR$2.64$214.03163 day
33OKCashOK/EUR$0.029409$164.93163 day
34BitSendBSD/EUR$0.136140$146.85163 day
35ZCoinXZC/EUR$10.23$122.76163 day
36NxtNXT/EUR$0.061954$104.11163 day
37Ethereum ClassicETC/EUR$8.90$52.54163 day
38GroestlcoinGRS/EUR$0.478863$49.04163 day
392GIVE2GIVE/EUR$0.002551$40.71163 day
40PIVXPIVX/EUR$1.31$32.62163 day
41RadiumRADS/EUR$1.27$25.35163 day
42ArdorARDR/EUR$0.100342$10.64163 day
43Breakout StakeBRX/EUR$0.170172$0.000000163 day
44BreakoutBRK/EUR$0.041483$0.000000163 day
45UbiqUBQ/EUR$0.51$0.000000163 day
46PesetacoinPTC/EUR$0.004919$0.000000185 day
47VertcoinVTC/EUR$0.57$0.000000163 day
48FeathercoinFTC/EUR$0.036558$0.000000163 day

❗️LiteBit Delisting Announcement❗️

We listen to our customers. LiteBit will delist BitcoinSV (BSV) as of the 1st of June 2019.

Tomorrow we will list a brand new cryptocurrency. Which coin do you wish to see next?

#BSV #cryptocurrency #litebit

🚀Another week, another listing! 🚀
#LiteBit is excited to announce the listing of @decentraland (#MANA) on our trading platform. Starting today, users can buy, sell, and store MANA on

Decentraland (MANA) can now also be bought with creditcard!

LiteBit announcement:

We assure you we are working on improving our product range. Delisted coins will have no withdrawal fees.

In addition, if you own less than €10 for these coins, contact our customer support so we can manually sell them for you.


❗️ LiteBit Delisting Announcement ❗️

On April 24, LiteBit will stop trading the following coins:

Breakout (BRK)
Breakout Stake (BRX)

On June the 1st, LiteBit will stop trading the following coins:

Vertcoin (VTC)
Revolution VR (RVR)
Pinkcoin (PINK)

We appreciate the opinion of our LiteBit customers and the crypto community at large. So we would like to ask your opinion about the Bitcoin SV, should we follow the example of other major exchanges and delist Bitcoin SV? What do you think?