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Independent Reserve
Independent Reserve
거래소명Independent Reserve
볼륨(24시간) $600,052.28
94.61 BTC
사이트 https://www.independentreserve.c...
TOP 거래국가Australia

# 환율 거래화폐 가격 볼륨(24시간) 업데이트
1BitcoinXBT/AUD$6,302.66$274,735.04215 day
2EthereumETH/AUD$204.08$148,977.07215 day
3XRPXRP/AUD$0.51$71,281.75215 day
4Bitcoin CashBCH/AUD$527.52$65,773.19215 day
5LitecoinLTC/AUD$48.68$26,413.58215 day
6BitcoinXBT/NZD$6,296.03$4,442.28215 day
7Bitcoin CashBCH/NZD$527.03$2,188.75215 day
8OmiseGOOMG/AUD$3.38$1,566.34215 day
90xZRX/AUD$0.68$1,460.78215 day
10EthereumETH/NZD$203.89$1,425.17215 day
11EthereumETH/USD$204.36$1,207.92215 day
12XRPXRP/USD$0.269450$554.95269 day
13LitecoinLTC/NZD$48.63$486.26215 day
140xZRX/NZD$0.68$94.15215 day
15XRPXRP/NZD$0.51$0.000000215 day
16BitcoinXBT/USD$6,311.58$0.000000215 day
17OmiseGOOMG/NZD$3.39$0.000000215 day

"Throughout the journey, we’ve kept our focus on creating a customer-centric business which seeks to give customers what they want at scale. We believe this is crucial to be market leading and sustainable." - Adrian, CEO

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IR market update ( $AUD ):

$BTC $11 954.72 (⬆1.24%)
$XRP $0.57935 (🔻1.13%)
$ETH $372.05 (🔻1.58%)
$EOS $9.3348 (🔻1.76%)
$BCH $591.82 (⬆2.26%)
$LTC $190.43 (🔻3.06%)
$XLM $0.1803 (🔻0.66%)

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"We want to continue ensuring that the footprint of blockchain innovators across the country is recognised and continue to spur on the adoption of digital currencies." - CEO, Adrian Przelzony

Thanks for the review FlagshipCrypto. Independent Reserve quotes crypto in NZD and accepts NZD deposits. 🇳🇿