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# 환율 거래화폐 가격 볼륨(24시간) 업데이트
1DogecoinDOGE/BTC$0.002725$2,486,705.26140 day
2DecredDCR/BTC$51.19$536,332.89140 day
3VergeXVG/BTC$0.018310$451,389.78140 day
4SiacoinSC/BTC$0.007478$437,260.88140 day
5BitcoinBTC/USDT$7,463.11$403,559.57140 day
6EthereumETH/USDT$418.71$184,023.42140 day
7Bitcoin CashBCH/USDT$735.03$150,558.12140 day
8EOSEOS/ETH$7.10$140,711.04140 day
9VergeXVG/USDT$0.019449$139,870.53140 day
10EthereumETH/BTC$391.12$117,589.93140 day
11LitecoinLTC/USDT$78.06$115,856.83140 day
12Ethereum ClassicETC/USDT$16.53$110,318.29140 day
13Ethereum ClassicETC/BTC$15.48$107,793.61140 day
14Bitcoin CashBCH/BTC$686.46$97,311.48140 day
15PIVXPIVX/BTC$1.45$85,614.08140 day
16LitecoinLTC/BTC$72.87$75,553.53140 day
17DashDASH/BTC$200.08$69,100.30140 day
18ZilliqaZIL/USDT$0.058714$63,374.73140 day
19SiacoinSC/ETH$0.008019$52,155.23140 day
20SiacoinSC/USDT$0.008279$48,997.95140 day
21ViacoinVIA/BTC$1.04$41,780.92140 day
22ZCoinXZC/BTC$12.98$39,974.89140 day
23IOSTIOST/ETH$0.021022$35,387.12140 day
24Time New BankTNB/ETH$0.016274$19,359.21140 day
25ZilliqaZIL/ETH$0.056871$14,517.10140 day
26RuffRUFF/ETH$0.030717$10,854.17140 day

⚡️ “Happy new year!”


Golden pig send you the best wishes!😘
#FEX #exchange #NewYear
More and more token will be listed in 2019 and lots of reward events shall be launched! stay tuned on FEX excchange! Love you guys!🤟

Congratulation!🤟 FEX exchange will support the recharge, withdrawal and trade of ZIL tokens!🤞😘Come to our exchange and enjoy trading!🤟#Mainnet #Zilliqa #FEX
Telegram: https://t.co/kROavi5AXF
Wechat: fexhk001
Website: https://t.co/bMZJaeF1cC

Zilliqa (No airdrops or ETH giveaways)@zilliqa

Thrilled to announce that the Zilliqa mainnet has launched! Block explorer https://t.co/r5V1Zrhs20 and mining details https://t.co/dcKx9OrIPW. Read the full blogpost here https://t.co/hsSKwFmNEt

#CoinMarketCap The reason why we are not listed on CMC is that we changed our API recently, and our website address changed also, we are talking to admins of CMC and will fix it asap. @CoinMarketCap.🤣And you can check FEX's information on: