Coinut Exchange Info, Markets & Trading Volume 2018-09-09T12:16:46+00:00
볼륨(24시간) $650,681.09
102.42 BTC
TOP 거래국가Egypt

# 환율 거래화폐 가격 볼륨(24시간) 업데이트
1BitcoinBTC/USDT$6,361.30$568,556.6795 day
2ZcashZEC/USDT$131.45$62,758.9595 day
3EthereumETH/USDT$207.72$6,497.7095 day
4BitcoinBTC/SGD$6,408.39$4,400.3995 day
5LitecoinLTC/USDT$49.27$3,595.9695 day
6MoneroXMR/USDT$104.72$2,453.4295 day
7BitcoinBTC/CAD$6,444.73$752.3395 day
8EthereumETH/USD$211.00$326.6595 day
9LitecoinLTC/USD$51.09$293.2295 day
10EthereumETH/CAD$212.95$243.5195 day
11ZcashZEC/SGD$138.96$156.2595 day
12ZcashZEC/CAD$136.57$153.5295 day
13ZcashZEC/USD$137.82$152.9595 day
14EthereumETH/SGD$207.95$127.2695 day
15LitecoinLTC/SGD$49.68$78.8195 day
16ZcashZEC/LTC$131.09$30.8195 day
17ZcashZEC/BTC$130.21$30.6295 day
18LitecoinLTC/BTC$49.02$19.7695 day
19LitecoinLTC/CAD$51.15$17.6195 day
20EthereumETH/LTC$209.76$9.7095 day
21Ethereum ClassicETC/LTC$9.12$7.1495 day
22MoneroXMR/LTC$103.04$6.1095 day
23EthereumETH/BTC$209.28$5.1995 day
24BitcoinBTC/USD$6,455.80$3.3995 day
25MoneroXMR/BTC$104.08$1.7195 day
26Ethereum ClassicETC/BTC$9.09$0.9195 day
27Ethereum ClassicETC/USDT$9.34$0.5795 day
28TetherUSDT/USD$1.00$0.000000197 day
29TetherUSDT/SGD$0.73$0.000000197 day

#Crypto weekly:
1. JPMorgan to Launch JPM Coin
2. QuadrigaCX Lost $500K #BTC By Mistake
3. #ETH Daily Mining Rewards at Lowest Level
4. Bakkt to launch later in 2019
5. Argentina Accepts BTC as Public Transportation Payment
6. Union Bank Launches 1st two-way crypto ATM in PHL

How many times did people say Litecoin was dead. Now you see. We are the 4th again.

#Crypto weekly:
1. WSJ: Expert Claims QuadrigaCX Funds ($190M) Missing
2. Twitter CEO: I Only Have #BTC
3. Nvidia Earned $1.95 Billion in Total Crypto Revenue
4. #BTT Price Spikes 600% Since ICO
5. 20y/o Hacker Stolen $5M Through Sim Swapping
6. LedgerX Introduces Binary Wager

Litecoin volatility may recover after the Chinese New Year. #LTC