Chaoex Exchange Info, Markets & Trading Volume 2018-09-09T12:16:46+00:00
볼륨(24시간) $2,557,018.12
399.20 BTC
TOP 거래국가Japan

# 환율 거래화폐 가격 볼륨(24시간) 업데이트
1BitcoinBTC/USDT$6,390.59$1,462,569.19167 day
2Bitcoin CashBCH/USDT$571.21$220,959.93167 day
3SkycoinSKY/BTC$2.96$163,549.20167 day
4Bitcoin CashBCH/BTC$570.85$108,927.13167 day
5AugurREP/ETH$14.72$73,594.93167 day
6EthereumETH/BTC$211.30$62,416.99167 day
7TRONTRX/BTC$0.023187$60,905.70167 day
8EthereumETH/USDT$210.76$53,009.97167 day
9NulsNULS/BTC$1.06$51,105.65167 day
10Ethereum ClassicETC/BTC$9.46$48,214.96167 day
11NulsNULS/ETH$1.06$46,854.34167 day
12TRONTRX/ETH$0.023211$30,997.29167 day
13EOSEOS/ETH$5.46$30,857.99167 day
14Smart Application ChainSAC/ETH$2.55$28,514.68171 day
15WaykiChainWICC/CHEX$0.218403$20,585.92167 day
16OmiseGOOMG/ETH$3.31$16,648.35167 day
17LiskLSK/BTC$2.77$16,622.33167 day
18LitecoinLTC/BTC$52.08$16,059.45167 day
19RChainRHOC/BTC$0.104726$13,049.79167 day
20Basic Attention TokenBAT/ETH$0.289056$11,122.46167 day
21WaykiChainWICC/ETH$0.215142$10,439.60167 day
22CHEXCHEX/ETH$0.009082$7,224.09167 day
23DECENTDCT/BTC$0.134705$7,187.54167 day
24MassGridMGD/CHEX$0.052712$4,973.25167 day
25Blockchain Quotations Index TokenBQT/CHEX$0.013548$4,691.72167 day
26Blockchain Quotations Index TokenBQT/ETH$0.014171$3,861.78167 day
27ValueCyberTokenVCT/CHEX$0.017352$3,597.56167 day
28MassGridMGD/BTC$0.048744$2,823.99167 day
29SingularDTVSNGLS/BTC$0.030169$1,907.73167 day
30StatusSNT/ETH$0.035163$1,707.39167 day
31Smart Application ChainSAC/CHEX$2.81$842.11171 day
32SportyCoSPF/ETH$0.012472$551.90167 day
33Content and AD NetworkCAN/ETH$0.001155$0.000000167 day
34Content and AD NetworkCAN/CHEX$0.000001$0.000000167 day

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