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FIMFL wallet have -72,594,134 coins less than accounts have.
That have happen when wallet was confirm deposits that was later rejected by chain. FIMFL Coin developer!!!, Please contact us for investigate solution for this.

Rest of withdrawal requests will be processed after this month.
Please make sure you have place all requests on this month.

If coin have no working wallet at all at the end of October and coins can not send in any method, we take that coin is like failed project and will not process it later.

Please note that with coins that have no working wallet or have any other technical issues, the withdraw will take longer, because we need to do it manually,
but all withdraw requests will be processed before exchange close.

Note that coins leaved on Cfinex account after 2018-10-31, we will take as donation for us.
If you do so, thank you for your donation.