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Bitstamp (Ripple Gateway)
Bitstamp (Ripple Gateway)
거래소명Bitstamp (Ripple Gateway)
볼륨(24시간) $309,140.46
48.40 BTC
TOP 거래국가United States

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1XRPXRP/USD$0.496166$302,666.71228 day
2XRPXRP/BTC$0.50$6,473.75228 day

FOLLOW THE LINE: What is an Ethereum transaction gas limit? 📜 #cryptobasics #Ethereum

DID YOU KNOW: As a security measure, the XRP ledger requires trust lines to be established between users transacting in currencies other than XRP. You cannot receive a non-XRP currency until you have authorized the sending address by setting up a trust line. #WednesdayWisdom 💡

FOLLOW THE LINE: Understanding Bitstamp’s Tradeview 📜 #cryptobasics #Tradeview

DID YOU KNOW: The Ethereum 0X0 address, composed entirely of 0s, holds over $1 M in ETH from people sending it there by accident or mining blocks without specifying an address for the reward during Ethereum’s early days. This ETH is probably lost forever. #WednesdayWisdom 💡

Update: I wasn’t just on stage with a microphone...I was on stage with a microphone alongside an actual Simon Cowell. (@SECowell). So legit the Xfactor experience. Mostly - a great panel, complete with bullish insights promising “the institutions are coming” 😎