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BitShares Asset Exchange
BitShares Asset Exchange
거래소명BitShares Asset Exchange
볼륨(24시간) $293,682.63
45.75 BTC
TOP 거래국가Not Available

# 환율 거래화폐 가격 볼륨(24시간) 업데이트
1BitCNYBITCNY/BTS$0.142939$162,231.14216 day
2PeerplaysPPY/BTS$1.49$126,074.85279 day
3BitUSDBITUSD/BTS$1.00$120,245.91216 day
4BitUSDBITUSD/BITCNY$1.00$8,617.97216 day
5BitGoldBITGOLD/BITUSD$1,148.35$1,017.75216 day
6BitBTCBITBTC/BTS$6,388.92$463.15216 day
7BitUSDBITUSD/BITEUR$1.00$403.41216 day
8BitEURBITEUR/BTS$1.13$401.44216 day
9BitSilverBITSILVER/BTS$11.80$151.17216 day
10BitSilverBITSILVER/BITUSD$11.71$150.70216 day
11BitBTCBITBTC/BITUSD$6,490.66$0.000000216 day
12BitSilverBITSILVER/BITCNY$15.10$0.000000216 day
13BitBTCBITBTC/BITCNY$7,171.52$0.000000216 day
14BitCNYBITCNY/BITEUR$0.145616$0.000000216 day
15BitGoldBITGOLD/BTS$1,177.96$0.000000216 day Keynote by @ryanRfox hosted by @GraphenB #ShanghaiDevCon

We have built an end-to-end ecosystem to provide a better alternative to the legacy financial system. By joining Bitspark's growing network and products you too can access the change of the future. #crypto #blockchain

TODAY We added BitShares! $BTS are now available on #Bitshares @bitshares

#BitShares and #GXChain share the same DNA, and have great opportunity to collaborate toward a world-class user experience. #GXChain had great conversations with @BitShares Core Team, and they have the intention to build Graphene 2.0 together. @ryanRfox @Alex_Ding28 @huang_mq