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Exchange Union Coin is a universal coin to enable cross-exchange trading, clearing, deposits and withdrawals.


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We just released the Exchange Union Testnet, which allows for instant BTC/DAI, LTC/DAI, WETH/BTC & LTC/BTC swaps. Read about it and try it out here: https://t.co/ybiL8Z8WC7

Excited for next week’s #BitcoinWednesday conference. It’ll be a whole evening about #Bitcoin. Once again, great speakers : @Eric Voskuil, @kallewoof , @Stephan snigirov, @kilrau , @ToneVays .

Looking forward to it . Get your tickets now.
More info: https://t.co/jPTo7oazmO

Bounty is now $5K!

Special thanks to @kilrau from @exchange_union & @SatoshiLite for their generous contributions. https://t.co/pOcEmQ0ez4

@BobMcElrath I am aware of four: @exchange_union lead by @kilrau. Also https://t.co/JwbN44PJYC by @Bitlumio and @andrewshvv also the mentioned @sparkswap by @tgriff3. And @bisq_network though not on lightning yet. There are more when looking at eth and there Off-chain networks.

New release: XUD alpha.11 - This adds basics for integrating Raiden and fixes several p2p connection errors, improves error logging and makes swap errors more comprehensive. BREAKING CHANGES on the p2p layer, please update.

Check the full changelog at: https://t.co/5XpbmbwYJA