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A Web 3.0 network for decentralized applications giving developers powerful and easy to implement smart contract solutions for practical use cases.


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(1/4) A major breakthrough! Phoenix 0.8.1 has totally fixed the root of the issue that was preventing the network from reaching consensus on cluster size.

The Shift #demo is complete and ready to disrupt the decentralized hosting experience! Public access will come following the #release of the newest Phoenix version, that is now undergoing finishing touches. To all operators running a Phoenix node, please remain on standby.

The deadline to enter the first month of the Shift Reward Program is today! Register a #storage node now and receive a 'starter bonus' of 20 SHIFT on top of the monthly 15 SHIFT. On top of that, you'll be entered for a chance of winning a bonus of 1,000 SHIFT!

(2/2) Shift Core v7.0t introduces true #token utility! Storage capacity is managed by Lock transactions that use an in-built pricing mechanism, while Pins on the #blockchain permanently save data to the Phoenix IPFS Cluster, all in a trustless fashion!