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Polymath is a platform that enables the creation, issuance and trading of financial instruments on the blockchain. It allows participants to easily launch Securities Tokens, in a regulatory-compliant manner.


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Polymath Co-Founder @realbitlawyer and Chief Product Officer @thomas_borrel at the Biannual Strategy and Leadership Meeting last week with @DigitalChamber

@dtapscott @blockchainRI Many big #Enterprises are members of Blockchain Research Institute (https://t.co/0Bbhrzemcy)

As well as #blockchain projects, like
@Aion_Network ( $AION)
@cosmos ( $ATOM)
@PolymathNetwork ( $POLY)

Can not wait to see how the Enterprise x Blockchain intersections plays out.

It's #SecurityTokenSaturday

What was your favourite development, or thing you learned this past week in Security Tokens?

Articles, blog posts, announcements, thoughts off the top of your head?

Today, 100s of @DigitalChamber members are on #CapitolHill to educate/promote #blockchain |@AIGinsurance @GoCoin @MakerDAO @Peernovainc @chainalysis @truststamp @Sewkis @smithandcrown @CosimaCapital @RSMUSLLP @PropyInc @PolymathNetwork @NYIAXInc @netkicorp #dcblockchain https://t.co/TvGbDNyXcD

Polymath Co-Founder @realbitlawyer and CPO @thomas_borrel are about to meet with @WarrenDavidson at the Congressional Blockchain Education Day in DC #DCBlockchain. Congressman Davidson is the guy who said "shitcoin" yesterday.

What should they ask him?!