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Flixxo is a decentralized network for content distribution, based on Bittorrent protocol. It allows true end users to pay a fair price for watching licensed content in a friendly and safe environment.


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The Streaming Evolution with @flixxo, @deadhousefilms & @ozflixtv is hitting all your on-demand questions 👏

Joined by our panel of talented professionals - Steinar Ellingsen (@SEllingsen), Ron Brown, Enzo Tedeschi (@enzo_tedeschi), Bec Bignell & Sergio Sosa 🎤

The Streaming Evolution is here! From left to right: Steinar Ellingsen, founder @melbwebfest; Sergio Sosa (@therealfilmito), VP of Ops @flixxo; Ron Brown, CEO, @ozflixtv; Enzo Tedeschi (@enzo_tedeschi) Director, https://t.co/1iwQRLdcvR and Bec Bignell, Executive, ABC.#melbwebfest

🌅Good morning Melbourne! Flixxo´s keynote "Will #blockchain disrupt #streaming?" is about to start!
10 AM - RMIT University - Melbourne CBD - Kaleide Theater
#blockchainment #melbwebfest2019

We love our stay here at @Melbwebfest! Tomorrow we will be together again! At 10 am, Sergio Sosa -Vp of Ops at Flixxo- will be giving the talk "Will #blockchain disrupt #streaming?” #Melbwebfest2019 #webseries #flixxo